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Table of Contents
August 15, 2011

In the table of contents you will find the arrangement of chapters
Not necessarily in the order that you should read them
I always want to know how the story ends before I read the beginning
In the table of contents I look to see if there is a chapter that might be me
That somehow the writer knew that I would be their main character
And a character I am but let me not be so presumptuous as to think that a writer would write about me since there are so many characters to choose from but then again I am quite a character and I see in the table of contents that there is a chapter that says “Something Different” and I think to myself that sounds like a chapter about me and just maybe the writer did write about me as I am something different you see but not to be considered strange just different full of contradictions, moods, brooding, thinking, planning, sleeping only so that I will be able to get up and saying those words that mean nothing and something at the same time and I think to myself how often have I picked up a book and not bothered to read it because I did not like the Table of Contents

Mignyetta, 8/15/11