A Fish Story

I thought you were the only fish in the sea.
Until I went fishing and a fish caught me.
“Can I swim with you for awhile”? the fish said to me.
“Oh, I don’t know about that” ,I said to the fish, cautiously.
“You see, I am already in love with another fish who is quite slippery”.
The fish looked at me with his big fish eyes and said “Don’t you worry about me”.
“I won’t slip through your hands when you try to hold me”.
“But how can I tell you are telling me the truth, this sounds very “fishy”?.
“Oh, you can’t tell if I am telling the truth, you will just have to trust me.
“All of you fish are alike”, I said to the fish, “you always have a story”.
The fish swam around for awhile as I pondered this new opportunity.
This fish did look rather interesting, charming and friendly.
He could swim quite fast and even did tricks I found hard to believe.
He swam around me in circles. I could tell he was trying to impress me.
My mind started drifting to the fish that I love and all the memories.
I thought about how he could cook a great meal and our chemistry
And I remembered how much the time we spent together meant to me.
As well as the countless things that we have in common, amazingly.
So finally I had to say to the fish, that no matter how many fish are in the sea
And yes it is true, he is not the only fish in the sea, but he remains the only fish for me.


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