Honorable Mention

You have been my greatest source of inspiration
And I will add that you have been my grand passion
And if love were in fashion
I am sure you would love me without limitation
As for me this has not been an infatuation
Nor is it an imitation
I guess I was under a misconception
For I would never had made you an exception
Had it not been my perception
That I once had your full attention
I think our story deserves at least an Honorable Mention
I realize now that love was not your intention
But how is one to know that love has many dimensions
Until it is experienced without apprehension
And how can you stop something once it’s begun without prevention
The whole interruption is beyond my comprehension
I approached this with no pretension
But it has felt more like detention
Which has been a bone of contention
And I think at this point we could use an intervention
Since I am not the object of your affection
I will try to make a correction
I will try to go in a different direction
Although I know that we have a strong connection
We are good in the kitchen, is my recollection
But fear and timing created rejection
I came to this conclusion upon reflection
My heart had absolutely no protection
And it is probably better not to do too much introspection
Because you can end up with too many objections
But of course this is all in retrospection
For you it might have been an aberration
Whereas I thought it was merely a mutual attraction
While I looked at you with adoration
You saw me as a complication
With no offer of consolation
So here I am missing our conversation
Hoping for a continuation


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